In June 2016 I  left my job in personnel development and started a blog, called breadandpomegranates.  I joined some blogging groups online and soon learned about the struggles that other bloggers experienced.  Previously I had been working to nurture resilience and wellbeing in aid and development workers and so I became interested in the wellbeing of bloggers.  I was surprised at how nasty the online world.  Bloggers and other people who interact online have experiences ranging from harassment in which the police have had to get involved and bullying to everyday unkindness and personal verbal abuse.  This year especially it feels like the internet has become a much unkinder place, with more vitriol and general nastiness, rather than genuine dialogue and debate.  I wanted to do something that would help bring attention to the issues that bloggers and other online writers experience, and empower people to challenge unkindness where they see it online.  I decided a campaign would be a good place to start.  I am very much an ideas person and didn’t really know how to make it happen so it was fortunate that Jenn (who I only know from an online group) was also keen.


I have been a blogger, off and on, for eight years and have spent a lot of time online. I have found so many amazing communities and met some wonderful friends, but last week a few people in those communities ran into some pretty nasty comments online. I was pretty upset by these situations, so when Christina suggested this campaign, I jumped in with both feet. I don’t know how big it will go, but I’m happy to be doing something proactive about our online community and it’s wonderful to see how many people agree with the goal. I blog at The Campground Kid