The Campaign

We would love you to participate in our campaign for more considerate interactions online. The campaign will take place on Wednesday 7th June 2017.


As we spend more of our lives online there seems to be an increasing gap between our online behaviour and our real life behaviour. The internet can be a place where we are less inhibited than when we are face to face with people in real life. Sometimes this is great and allows us to explore things we might otherwise not talk about. But unfortunately for a small minority of internet users this lack of inhibition means that they can comment with vitriol, make personal attacks, offend and hurt people with the things they say. We want to share the message that this sort of commenting is offensive and should not be tolerated. This is not about tone policing and we believe emotion is appropriate in conversations, but comments directed at people rather than at the argument make the internet a less kind place.

So join our campaign by downloading banners for your website, profile pictures for social media and using frames for your profile picture on Facebook.  We encourage everyone to take the following pledge and to share it on their websites and social media :“I pledge to comment with care and to challenge online unkindness when I see it.”

 Let’s all join together to make the internet a kinder place to be.